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21 Most Interesting YouTubers to Follow in Switzerland

CategoryBy Ilias Ism

Switzerland, known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and high quality of life, is a fascinating country to explore.

Whether you’re planning a trip, considering a move, or simply interested in Swiss culture, YouTube can be a great resource.

Here are 21 YouTubers based in Switzerland that you should follow for insights into travel, life, and expat experiences in the country.

Travel and Life in Switzerland

  1. MySwitzerland: This channel offers a wealth of information about traveling in Switzerland, from city tours to hiking trails.
  2. Switzerland Insider: This channel is a great resource for viewers interested in Swiss culture and daily life. It covers topics such as moving to Switzerland and living in the Swiss Alps.
  3. The Traveling Swiss – Alexis & Louis: Run by an American couple living in Switzerland, this channel shares their experiences of travel and living in the country.
  4. Expoza Travel: This channel features a variety of travel guides and videos about Switzerland, helping you plan your trip and make the most of your holiday.
  5. Yellow Productions: This channel offers travel guides and tips for various destinations, including Switzerland.
  6. Travel in Switzerland with Werner Stulz: This channel offers a local’s perspective on traveling in Switzerland, with a focus on nature and outdoor activities.
  7. Visit Zurich: This channel provides a comprehensive guide to Zurich, one of Switzerland’s major cities.
  8. Zermatt Tourismus: This channel is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and attractions of Zermatt, a popular mountain resort in Switzerland.
  9. Swiss Family Fun: This channel shares family-friendly activities and destinations in Switzerland.
  10. How To Switzerland: This channel provides practical advice on various aspects of life in Switzerland, including travel tips, cultural insights, and more.

Expats in Switzerland

  1. Desi Life in Europe: This channel shares the experiences of a Desi family living in Switzerland, offering a unique perspective on life in the country.
  2. Laura Bronner: An American expat mom of four, Laura shares snippets of her experience living in Zurich, Switzerland.
  3. My Expat Diary: This channel offers a glimpse into the life of an expat in Switzerland, with a focus on travel and adventure.
  4. Andrea Heckler: Andrea shares her experiences as an expat in Switzerland, with a focus on lifestyle and travel.
  5. Black American Expat Radio (dot-com): This channel offers insights into the experiences of a Black American expat living in Switzerland.
  6. Jodi’s Expat Life: Jodi shares her experiences as an American who moved to Europe with her husband. Her channel includes expat and lifestyle videos, travel and adventure vlogs, and travel tips and advice.
  7. Rachel Meets China: Rachel, an American who has been living in China for 5 years, shares her experiences and insights as an expat.

Other Notable YouTubers in Switzerland

  1. televizioniKLAN: The most subscribed YouTube influencer in Switzerland, with 1.8M subscribers.
  2. Swissmeme TV: One of the top YouTube influencers in Switzerland, known for their entertaining content.
  3. Müslüm: A popular YouTuber in Switzerland, known for their unique content.
  4. Galaxus: This channel offers a variety of content, including product reviews and tech news.


These YouTubers offer a diverse range of content, from travel guides and cultural insights to personal experiences and lifestyle tips.

Whether you’re a prospective traveler, an aspiring expat, or just someone interested in Switzerland, these channels can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

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