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How to Repurpose YouTube Videos for TikTok in 2024

CategoryBy Ilias Ism

TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users.

If you have a YouTube channel, repurposing some of your existing videos from YouTube to TikTok can help expand your reach and gain new fans.

But editing lengthy YouTube videos down to short, catchy TikTok clips can be time-consuming. That’s where Clipwing comes in.

Why Repurpose YouTube Videos for TikTok?

Repurposing existing video content is an efficient way to maximize time, effort & resources. By editing and republishing your existing videos to different platforms, you can:

  • Reach a broader audience on new platforms.
  • Increase views, revenue, and engagement.
  • Drive more traffic back to YouTube & other social media.
  • Grow your brand on multiple platforms.

TikTok’s short-form, viral nature makes it perfect for sharing bite-sized video clips. YouTube videos often have valuable, exciting moments and highlights that can shine as standalone TikTok clips.

YouTube clips to TikTok with Clipwing

clipwing screenshot

Clipwing is an online video editing tool designed to repurpose longer videos into short social media clips.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your YouTube video to Clipwing
  2. Clipwing transcribes the video using AI
  3. Highlight the most shareable parts of the transcript
  4. Clipwing automatically edits your video down based on the transcript highlights
  5. Export and download the clipped TikTok video

You can add subtitles, crop the frame (with AI face-focus), customize the aspect ratio, and more.

The key benefit is that Clipwing does the heavy video editing for you

Instead of painstakingly cutting videos manually, the AI handles it automatically based on the transcript. Magic!

Why use Clipwing to convert YouTube video to TikTok

Clipwing makes converting YouTube videos for TikTok:

Easy: Just highlight and clip. No advanced editing skills needed.

Fast: Editing is automated based on transcript selections.

Optimized: Cropping, subtitles, logos, and more customize videos for TikTok.

Scalable: Turn 1 long video into 100 tailored short clips for TikTok.

Affordable: Basic plan is free. Paid plans cost a fraction of video editing software.

Best Practices for Repurposing from YouTube to TikTok

export youtube to tiktok video

When converting YouTube videos into TikTok clips, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Choose engaging segments that work well out of context
  • Adapt thumbnail images for vertical TikTok format
  • Add subtitles so the clips make sense without audio
  • Use relevant hashtags so clips appear in related feeds
  • Check analytics to see top-performing clips to replicate

Please don’t leave it only to TikTok. You can also re-use the same amazing video content for Instagram stories, Twitter videos, YouTube shorts, Snapchat, Telegram and more!

Convert TouTube videos to TikTok

Our Rank and Rent video converted from YouTube to TikTok

With Clipwing, you can quickly and easily turn your YouTube catalog into a goldmine of short, shareable TikTok clips.

Sign up for free to start clipping your long videos into the best bits tailored for TikTok’s format.

Consistent posting of repurposed clips can earn you more fans, go viral and grow your multi-channel presence.

The power to effortlessly turn YouTube videos into TikTok clips is just a few clicks away.

What engaging moments will you unlock from your long-form videos and share with the TikTok universe?

And if you don’t have video content yet at all. You can make a TikTok video with Typeframes.