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Oscar Stories: AI-Powered Bedtime Stories

CategoryBy Ilias Ism
Oscar Stories

Vienna startup Heyqq has developed a popular new app called Oscar Stories that generates custom bedtime stories for children starring themselves and their friends.

Using AI technology, Oscar promises parents an endless source of new, educational stories to entertain their children before they fall asleep.

The Story Behind Oscar

The idea for Oscar came from software developer Dima Rubanov’s godson, who grew bored of the same books at bedtime and wanted exciting new stories featuring him and his buddies as heroes.

Dima and co-founder Matthias Neumayer realized AI could invent endless personalized stories on demand.

After a stressful workday, it’s not always easy to be creative on command every evening,” says Rubanov. “With Oscar, we want to provide parents with an infinite source of inspiration for new stories.”

Mr. Rubanov from Oscar Stories

How Oscar Works

Oscar uses natural language processing AI models from OpenAI to generate coherent written story texts based on information provided by parents:

  • Names of their kids and friends
  • Character roles and traits
  • Story settings and themes

The app then uses Midjourney’s text-to-image AI generator to create relevant illustrations.

The result? A unique, personalized story at the tap of a button!

Child-Friendly AI

As parents, Rubanov and Neumayer focused on keeping content clean and age-appropriate:

“We ensure Oscar avoids insensitive language and themes. Real-time filters block problematic suggestions, providing fun and inclusive stories.”

User privacy is also prioritized, with children represented by avatars in shared stories if desired.

Oscar Takes The Hassle Out of Bedtime

Available now on iOS and Android app stores, Oscar offers free trial stories before a paid subscription unlocks unlimited use.

Early feedback indicates Oscar could resolve nightly bedtime battles in many households!

As AI capabilities progress, heyqq plans new features like custom story length, rich multimedia integration, and cross-platform compatibility with kids’ smart toys.

But for now, easing the parental chore of bedtime storytelling marks an appealing first step.